Industrial gear units and
heavy duty industries

Available in helical, helical bevel and planetary gears version.

Specifically designed for extreme use conditions, high torque, reliability and solidity, monolithic and invertible housing  , specific options for specific purposes.

These are the characteristics of industrial gearboxes  which make them  an established partner in the heavy  duty industrial applications.

The planetary  series is characterized by extremely high torque density, complete modularity and wide configurations possibilities for connecting to the machine  or to the gearbox supply, with coupling predisposition, both electric and hydraulic.

Slewing Planetary Gear Units
“EX__\V” Series

Lifting Applications Gear Units

Mixer Applications Gear Units
“RX__\MX” Series

Cooling Tower Gear Units
“RX__\TR” Series

Extrusion Gear Units

“RX__\EST” Series

Bucket Elevator Gear Units
“RXO-O\800″ Series

Mining Applications Gear Units

“RX__\M” Series

“AS__” Series



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