Frequency converters
decentralized drives

The frequency converters  vector- controlled  ESV Series  have been developed to enable the decentralized installation in relation to the general control panel. Depending on the installation requirements,  they  may be motor-mounted or wall-mounted.

The decentralized solution offers a wide versatility of use and application fields, such as intralogistics sector, airport, beverage, packaging, and other  like pumps, ventilation, conveyor lines, stand-alone systems.

Reduction of installation costs, monolithic solidity of case, small size, vector control, high resistance to vibration and temperature, make it a product with high technological \ performance content.

The ESV are available in Basic and Standard versions, with many options and possible configurations, control and communication functions.

Decentralized drives
“ESV” Series

Gearmotors with decentralized drive
“ESV” Series

AC Motors with decentralized drive
“ESV” Series



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